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This is a guest post by Wistoovern, a long time priest  raider and real life friend of mine. I don’t often, if ever receive guest posts. I’m posting this because as someone who finds themselves playing World of Warcraft for a very long time, and managing other folks that do, this is something that’s always on my mind. People quit, leave the game for many reasons, but sometimes it’s hard to really put yourself in the mindset of the person who quit. Hoping that this perspective post will aid others in empathizing with those who no longer raid or play the game with you. 

So, I stopped playing WoW about three months ago.  It wasn’t a simple decision.

 Now, I know what you’re thinking.  “He left WoW because he hates what the game’s become” or “because it’s changed so much”.  That’s really not the case.  Yeah, it’s changed.  Some ways were for the better, some weren’t, some were reversed.  There’s two points to this post: one, to thank to Devs; two, to note how much harder it is to get it out of my life than off of my computer.

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City of Heroes coming to the end of it’s life is actually pretty sad. It was the first, and the best, super hero MMO to date. It was the first community that I was a vocal and active member of when it came to online gaming. From beta, to release, to even now almost a decade later, some of my best gaming memories were the direct result of this game. That said, despite my sorrow at hearing the news, there is the need to recognize that there is a stark reality to face. All things come to an end, and nothing lasts forever. Instead of sitting here lamenting and wailing, I thought I would share memories and highlights of the game over the years in my own way of paying tribute to the memory of an amazing game. To share with you what this game meant to me.

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The fixed mana, mana cost of healing spells and mana regeneration for all healers has been a hot topic as of late, especially among my leafy and plate wearing friends. So I figured I’d offer my two cents on it.

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Catchy title right? This is your one warning, this is going to be a bit of a rant, some of the things I say in this post  you might not agree with but I need to get this off my chest. Again, that’s your one warning.

Last night I got into a pretty heated debate because I was actively rooting for a team to lose where a player had been sited publicly using the phrase “Raping the opposing team like the little bitches they were.” My rooting wasn’t based on the team being bad at what they do, I just simply did not want him to win. While this was the main starting point, it sort of snowballed from there into a bigger discussion about gamer culture.

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I’m a huge geek, shocking I know. Me a pillar of popularity, poise and culture. But yes, I’m a huge geek, and a large part of that goes back to pen and paper RPGs. I actually owe quite a bit to the RPGs, in fact a ton to none other than Dungeons and Dragons, my gateway drug.

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People have been asking about this since I sent the recipe to McCurly today and mentioned it on twitter. Here’s my home made recipe for my BBQ sauce. It’s a bit thicker than some of the others but it’s got a sweet heat and spice to it, and is great for making BBQ items on the grill, in a crock pot or for dipping.

  • 1 cup Jack Daniel’s Honey Whiskey
  • 1 cup tomato paste
  • ½ cup dark brown sugar
  • ¼ cup vinegar (non malted, not apple just the regular stuff)
  • 1 tablespoon lemon juice
  • 2 teaspoons Worcestershire sauce
  • 3 cloves garlic, minced
  • ¼ cup Franks Redhot Sauce
  • salt and pepper to taste

Combine and simmer over medium heat for about 20 minutes stirring often until a BBQ sauce like consistency, then set to cool. makes about 3 cups.

Decided I’d try my hand at this, hopefully you enjoy it.

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Personal Comics post

My grandfather was a giant if he was five feet. He was the greatest man I knew, and shaped the way I viewed the world and my self so very profoundly. Growing up, my father pretty much walked away from our family. This left my grandfather as the sold male role-model for what were very much my hardest years.

He was an old school Italian man, right off the boat before WWII. He worked hard to provide for his family, and lived by a set of very “old world” social rules. During WWII he was enlisted as MP, but instead of going overseas he was given the option to stay home and instead work MP duties in the city of Buffalo. He did this for the duration of the war. He was blessed by the birth of four daughters. While he loved my mother and aunts dearly, he still always longed for a son. I was the first male in the family born in the United States, and my grandfather treated me as if I was his son rather than grandson.

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The Update Post

Site has been a bit quiet, but I find myself wanting to write more. Not just the items of the story I’ve been working on, I’ll still be working on that, but I want to participate in some things like the Blog Azeroth shared topics and to give my head-space some personal room in written word. Problem is those posts don’t fit on any of the other sites I write for. So I’m going to be posting them here when I can, among the fiction pieces and random ideas that will grace these few pixels. Also I’ll be looking for some new artwork for my corner shot here on the site, so if you’re interested in doing something for it, feel free to email me, I might just hold a contest and give away an in game pet to whoever wins.