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End of Expansion Blues

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You are warned, this is me venting a bit

The end of an expansion is always this weird time for players. Especially if they’ve accomplished everything, or almost everything, they’ve set out to do in that expansion. Filling the time until the next beta or the next pre expansion patch or really anything new in general can be arduous. What do you do? Level alts? Achievements? Keep going through the motions of raiding and consumable farming? It’s a question I think we all ask ourselves whether we know it or not.

I really hate the end of expansion limbo that seems to pop up every time. I find it hard to be motivated. I’ve leveled three toons to max and boosted another. I’ve run through LFR what feels like a million times. I’ve also continued to try and pick up the Dark Shaman Xmog for Lodur, which I still haven’t had any luck with. So where am I at right now with WOW?

Well, to be frank, I’m tired.

I still love the game, I think it has a lot of potential still to go, and while I have reservations about Warlords, I am going to wait to pass judgement on it until I can actually play the game. There are things that weigh on me though. First, and I’m sure if you follow my twitter stream you are well aware of my plight, I just cannot get my hands on the Dark Shaman transmog set. We’ve seen one set drop in all of the kills we’ve had. It’s a bit disheartening, and every time I don’t get the drop I can feel my mood sink further and further. Transmog is a big thing for me in the game, and this set is probably the thing I’ve wanted most for that. Then I see people getting two, three and even one reporting they received four boxes of the transmog loot, when I can’t get one, really makes me sad. It makes it feel like an impossible get for me, and that wears on me more than I think I wanted to admit before. Yes, this is me whining about it, but my grumpiness at it stands. I can’t help but feel it will be something I’m farming well into the next expansion, just because I have really shitty RNG luck. Fun fact, did you know I didn’t get the Green Proto Drake from Wrath until the very end of Cataclysm. Literally the week before MoP went live. That was with buying an egg every 3 days religiously. Yeah, my RNG luck is not so good.

I’m also really tired of healing Siege of Orgrimmar. I’m not tired of healing, I still love healing, I’m just really kindda spent on SoO. For me, the love of healing comes from the challenge. Whether it is the learning of a new fight or learning to heal with a new healing team, that really fuels my love to heal. When I get stuck healing the same content for almost a year, I get very bored. My brain goes on automatic pilot because at this point I outgear the fights and I tend to space out. The challenge is gone, the engagement is gone and I just kind of mindlessly spam buttons. Don’t get me wrong, I think Siege is a fantastic raid, probably one of the best that Blizzard has done in a very long time, but the novelty has worn off. This isn’t a hard mode versus normal thing, it’s just that for me the fights are all, more or less, telegraphed at this point.

I’ve had far much more fun attempting to learn the fights as a tank and melee DPS on my Monk, because it’s something I don’t really get to do very often. It’s still new to me, it still has some challenges for me to overcome that are fun to me.

Dunno, maybe I’m just in a bit of a funk or a rut. Maybe this is the end result of 10 years of healing pretty much non stop finally catching up with me. Maybe I’m just really tired of putting down Garrosh when I know the end result is only that he’ll escape to kick off the next expansion. Dunno. Maybe it’s part in parcel with my other friends starting to burn out and not logging in to the game as much, I do tend to be a social gamer and prefer to play games with friends. I don’t know. Maybe I just have a case of the end-of-expansion-sick-of-siege-of-orgrimmar-healing-where-is-my-god-damned-transmog blues.

Hope you’re faring better with the end of the expansion. If not, I’ll meet you at the bar.


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  1. Thespius

    Bar. Let’s do this. First round is on me. I’m burnt out, too, and I haven’t been playing nearly as long as you have.

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