Way of the Totem

The Meeting

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Continued from The Road to Dalaran

The meeting was held in a room located in a secluded part of Dalaran. As Lodur stepped into the chamber he took note of the faced she had grown to know over the years, those she would call family. Shadowriver, a Night Elf of calm and cool demeanor. As sure in the light as he was in the shadows of his profession. Next to him sat his life partner, and druid, Shenweh. She held in her a quiet strength. Few knew the true fires that burned deep in her heart. Yanlou, of the the former servants of the Lich King.He nodded at Loduer and Estherass as they walked through those assembled. Yanlou was one of the few guild members that knew the truth about Lodur’s recent transformation.

Lodur found a seat quietly, while Estherras moved to sit next to the guild’s master hunter Zabos. At the head of the proceeding was the guild’s master, Woe. Another Death Knight who in life was the master of the guild, and formerly a gnome known as Heim. He too understood the nature of Lodur’s transition.

“We seem to be all here, so let’s begin. A fortnight past we recieved a message from none other than Brann Bronzebeard himself, requesting our help with the newly uncovered Ulduar. I know our target is the Lich King, but Ulduar has promised potential weapons to use in our upcoming assault. Good news folks, it looks like we found it.”

Woe placed an orange glowing brick on the table in front of him. It seemed to be made entirely of shards bound together by a primal energy. The guild members began to murmur.

“This is the base component of a weapon that has long since been thought lost to time and myth. These pieces belong to the ancient scepter, Val’anyr. Brann tells me that it was once wielded by the king of the earthen as a gift of the Titans.”

Woe paced the room slowly and carefully, almost as if he was stalking prey.

“This item of legend has been gifted to our guild for the assistance we gave Brann for clearing the way for his team’s research into the Titan research. There are however two problems for us to solve. First is that the item needs to bind itself to a soul, a physical anchor. We are unsure what it will do to the person it tries to bind with, so it is a risk. Second, the item is incomplete. The pieces here need to be reforged, but none of the fires available to us can do it. The Dwarves have tried in the heart of their mountains, the Elves have tried using the magics of nature and men have tried every arcane mean they can. Even the master forgers that have traveled to Outland are able to find a fire that burns hot enough to fuse this together. Brann believes that he has foudn the answer from the keepers of Ulduar. They speak of a prisoner held deep withing the bowels of the sanctuary. It houses one of the old gods. If you remember, a few years ago we had a bit of a run in with another of these things on Kalimdor. Apparently we an use the creature to forge the weapon. Something about its blood allows it to burn hotter than any fire or forge available to us. This means we are going to kill another god people. Sounds like fun right?”

The guild members cheered at being selected for such a task.

“Now, the last thing to address here, Brann believes that this will be best served in the hands of a healer.”

Woe paced back to the front and picked up the brick.

“Who will bear this burden and take responsibility for it?”

None of the healers stood. If this truly was a weapon crated by the titans, who would be fit to bear it? No one seemed to want to step up to the task.

“Really? None of you? OK then, lets test this sucker out and see if it likes any of you.”

All of the guild’s healers stood, and one by one Woe placed the item in their hands. One by one they sat down, feeling nothing and having no visible reaction to the brick. When it reached Shenweh’s hands, it began to glow brighter and started to pulse a soft blue light.

“Well, looks like we have a winner..”

Shenweh, shocked by the sudden movement of the block, dropped it. Lodur bent down to pick it up, and as her hand closed around the item it exploded in a riot of light and color. Lodur placed the brick back into Shenweh’s hands and the light dimmed and the color returned to a soft pulsing blue.

Woe looked at Lodur “Interesting. Pick it back up. ”

As lodur did so, it once again came to life. From the light and color a scene began to form. A large being lovingly crafted what appeared to be a small humanoid shape out of stone. When the creature was satisfied, it placed it among many others shaped just like it. The being stood slowly and stretched before leaning down to inscribe a spell circle into the stone. He then took the most intricately carved figure and placed it in the middle of the circle. The being reached in to what looked like a pool of chaos and pulled a small sliver of something that glowed wildly and brightly. It pushed the sliver into the chest of the stone figure and began to chant in a language long forgotten. Power coursed through the circle and there was a blinding flash. When the light dimmed, the carved figure began to move. Slowly at first, it began to blink, or what could be approximated as a blink. It stared at its creator. The giant seemed to smile and once again reached into its forge of chaos. This time it pulled a long band of molten metal, and a cube with a slightly orange ting.

From the band it shaped a crown and placed it upon the brow of the carved figure. The giant then closed its hands around the block of orange metal and squeezed. When it released its hands, in its palm was an item of intricate design. The being breathed gently onto the mace and it sprang to life, sparkling as if alight with starts that hummed with power. The giant offered the mace to the stone figure before him.

The stone being gripped the mace and held it firm, looking to its creator for instruction. The giant motioned towards the rows upon rows of carved figures. Holding the glowing mace above its head, the stone man turned and gazed upon the carved figures. Blinding light shot from the mace, and the vision abruptly ended. The slab once more inert in Lodur’s hands.

“Well then, ” Said woe looking at Lodur “guess that settles that then.”

“Wait a minute!” a man in the garbs of a priest walked into the room. “I may be a little late, but why are you going to hand that over to a stranger!?”

Woe considered the priest for a moment and smirked.

“Who said it was a stranger?”

The priest looked skeptical, and eyed Lodur.

“I’m certain that I’ve never seen HER before!”

“Oh, I’m sure you have.” Woe turned to lodur “Now is as good a time as any I suppose to tell them.” He turned back towards those gathered. “I’m sure you all know that Lodur was laid low by the Lich King several weeks ago. I’m happy to announce that he has returned to us, albeit a little worse for wear.” Woe stepped aside and Lodur stepped forward. The guild exploded in noises of disbelief and shock.

“It is true,” Lodur said calmly “it is indeed me, mostly whole.” Lodur told her tale, leaving out the resurrection process as much as possible. “So , yes, I’m back. Yes I’m in a female body ow. Yes I am still the same Lodur, at least mentally.”

Lodur answered as many questions as he could, and spent time with his friends. He had missed them greatly, and it did good to see them once again. After a little more friendly conversation, and a little strategical planning, they all decided that it was time to call it a night. As Lodur turned to leave he saw a familiar figure leaning in the doorframe.

“Ye’ve apparently made a wee bit of a splash ah see. Ah thought tha wee powder puff of a priest was gonna faint when ye told em what ye are. Pretty princess.” She let out a snorting laugh.

Lodur walked up to the dwarf and put a hand gently on her head.

“Shouldn’t you be showing respect to those taller than you?” A smile graced Lodur’s lips. “It’s good to see you Yeva, I was worried when you weren’t at the airstrip.”

“Aye, damned gnomes had me pegged for a tinkerer. Tried ta get me to build things! Now, stabbin’ somethin’, ah can do that.” She let out a wry chuckle “So, ye be gonna ta kill a god eh? Sounds ancy.”

“Yes, well the first one was a giant eyeball. it was quite disturbing really. I’m more than a little anxious to see if this one is the same. I’m more interested in rebuilding this mace, it may help us topple the Light King finally.”

Yeva looked at Lodur, and saw a flicker of pain and regret play across the Draenei’s face.

“Ye know what, ah be thinkin’ ah need a drink, and ya need to be buyin’ a lady said drink blue-boy.”

She laughed and hip-checked Lodur. The gesture was returned with a hearty smile.

“Sure, you just want to distract me long enough to steal a totem. I know this game! But yes, I will buy you a drink.”

The two laughed and made their way to the nearest tavern. As they made their way through the streets of Dalaran, Yeva’s hand found Lodur’s, and she squeezed it tight.

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