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Into the Fjord

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Continued from Northern Bound.

Lodur stood at the bow of the boat, he watched the plumes of smoke rising high above the water way’s mountainous walls. Yeva, Slagg and many of the other ships hands stood near him watching the smoke with curiosity and trepidation.

“I don’t like the look of that at all.”

One of the crew remarked. It wasn’t long before the Captain of the ship snapped the crew out of it and began barking orders. They still had much work to do if they wanted to get through Daggercap Bay and to the Fjord safely. Lodur stood impassively looking ahead of the ship, his brow furled. Yeva nudged the shaman with her shoulder

“Ye a’ight goat boy? ye be givin’ me tha’ heebi jeebies”

Lodur looked down at his companion, pain and rage clear on his face.

“A lot of people died here… very recently. Their spirits linger, tormented and angry. I can hear them Yeva, I can hear them beg and scream. They cry for release from their torture, they beg for final death. It is most…Unnerving.”

Lodur looked ahead of the boat again as the Northspear turned into the pass. He could see it high above them impaled on giant spikes and chains. High above them several alliance vessels rest cradled between the walls of the bay, the raging among them fresh fires chewed at the ships. Fresh debris fell down to the water below. Lodur could see them now, the spirits of the damned moving listlessly among the wreckage. Rage welled up inside of Lodur. So many dead, so many denied their final peace he thought to himself. He could hear the shouts of the crew as they finally realized the source of the smoke. The captain ordered the sails to be doused so they didn’t catch fire, and they soon prepared to venture underneath the burning graveyard. Debris hit the deck and sails, but the wood proved too damp to ignite. The crew of the Northspear was grateful for that. They breathed a sigh of relief thinking they were going to make it through unscathed until a large chunk of burning debris landed on several of the crew members. Two were crushed beneath the beam while another was set on fire, his clothing quickly burning. The crew member  rand around and eventually dove off the side of the boat. As the rest of the crew freed their pinned companions and doused the fires on them, they could still hear screams of anguish and fear. They looked over the side of the boat in time to see the deck hand that dove overboard no longer on fire, but in the jaws of a large and hungry shark. The crew didn’t have time to grieve for their loss, but instead pitched back into the work of keeping the boat from catching on fire. All the while the spirits of the dead cried out .

Slowly the boat exited Daggercap bay and Valgarde came into view. The crew breathed one collective breath, and then hung their heads in a moment of silence for their fallen comrade. As they pulled up to the dock Captain Brookman had them secure the vessel and gave his crew time to grieve. He set them on leave in Valgarde, and they trudged to the inn. They were greeted by speeches from Captain Zorek and Vice Admiral Keller inspiring their men to defend Valgarde. As they moved in towards the inn, Lodur heard a shout from near by

“Well met brother Shaman! Come bid welcome to Thoralius!”

Lodur looked around until he saw the Shaman sitting not too far away, his totems and brazier clear before him. He made his way over to the shaman and sat next to him. Thoralius gave him a warm smile and patted him on the shoulder;

“Ah! you are a young one aren’t you. I see much travel on your face, you have seen and done many things yes? Tell me, what brings you to the Fjord?”

Lodur looked at the shaman, the fires of his shoulders contained by magic and chain, yet Lodur could still feel the heat.

“I come for what surely all the adventurers do now. I come to join my guild, I come to seek the defeat of the fallen son of Lordaeron and to bring balance to this world once again. What is one such as you doing here?”

Thoralius looked at Lodur and his smile grew larger.

“Surely you can feel them boy!” he let out a boisterous laugh “this land is full of the spirits and ancestors of those very same that now siege this hold, yet those same spirits are at peace. It is an odd sensation and one I wished to investigate fully. And so here I am!”

Just then a young warrior soaking wet ran up to the two shamans panting. He handed a small bag to Thoralius in exchange for a few silvers, and then ran off to the Inn to dry off at the hearth.

“This is a rare plant that allows one to see past the veil between our world and that of the spirit world. The veil is already thin here and may actually allow us to step between worlds in a way of speaking. The Admiral will beat answer out of anyone he manages to capture I’m sure, and the Dwarves have already begun excavations that will yield much in the way of secrets of the past, but what we could learn about the past here from the very spirits that haunt this place, that is a rare opportunity we must seize. ”

Thoralius looked at Lodur and noticed that he was staring back towards the rocky walls that the northspear had arrived through.

“you see them don’t you?”

Lodur nodded slowly

“I can see them. I can hear them and their screams. Their pleading for release haunts me. I… I can feel them. It is most unsettling.”

Thoralius placed a hand on Lodur’s shoulder.

“My boy, you have a gift most of us could only dream of having. With this herb even I can only see some things, but not all of them. I have a feeling if you were to use it, if you were to inhale the fumes of this root freshly burned you would be able to see everything. What is your name my son?”

“I am called Lodur, student of Nobundo and member of the guild Unpossible”

“Well met Lodur!” the older shaman shook his hand “Lodur normally I would not ask this of you, especially having just met you. With your talent you could see much and learn much that may aid us in stopping the force of giants the lich king employs. What do you say boy? How about a quick jaunt into the land of the spirits. There’s a keep only a few dozen yards ahead, I’m certain there will be much to see there, many spirits to listen to.”

Lodur thought it over. It was his duty after all was it not? He had made a promise to his people and the alliance to do what he must to aid in the war.

“I will do it Thoralius. I will learn what I can for the good of the Alliance. Give me the root.”

Lodur took the pouch from Thoralius and placed it’s contents in the brazier before them. He leaned over and inhaled slowly and purposely willing his mind to still. He focused inward in the ways taught to all Shamans and pushed his energy to a single point. He began to ask the spirits to grant him their vision. Slowly he felt a new sensation flow over him. Cool and comforting, it brought with it a sense of calm. When he opened his eyes, the world of color was gone before him. It was replaced with a world of cool muted blues and grays. The sky above was devoid of clouds, but in their place loomed many winged creatures. They looked remotely angelic, with wings and weapons, and seemed to be patrolling the area. Lodur stood slowly and slipped out of the front gates and made his way to through the village of the giants. He peaked in each home hearing the various tales of each resident spirit. Among last home held the greatest surprise… something that no one may have even known. Here was a family of spirits, a father and a mother. Crying between them was a small baby. An incredibly tiny baby by comparison to it’s parents. The ancestor’s were frantic trying to figure out what to do with their child. They seemed to think their baby would be killed. They plotted to hide it away elsewhere in Azeroth. Lodur visited the few remaining structures and heard similar conversations. References to runts, to weaklings and having to hide the children away. Could it be? could this be where humans actually came from? Unlike the Dwarves the human creation mythology had always been lacking. Just one day they came to be. Maybe this was their point of origin then?! Lodur was quite excited this information would be quite welcome to the alliance indeed. Pleased he began to move back towards the Valgarde where he would drop the spell. He moved closely to the giant’s keep avoiding the flying angels. It was when he turned the corner towards the front of the keep from it’s side he had his biggest shock. There on the front of the keep stood the Lich King. His frozen eyes staring straight at Lodur. The villain was flanked on both sides by the angels Lodur had seen patrolling the skies above the giant’s settlement. Lodur froze in place unsure what to do, then the Lich King raised his hand towards Lodur.

to be continued

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