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Lodur V. Healbot

by on Nov.20, 2009, under Uncategorized

A lot of people caught my tweet about gkicking someone for using healbot. I think it warrants a bit of an explanation.

There’s an ongoing joke in the guild about my “Hatred” of healbot. We had a healer back in BC who used it exclusively. When healbot and decursive broke he couldn’t heal. When I mean couldn’t heal, I mean literally could not heal. Usually this person would top the healing charts and be the one that saved the day, without the mod they just completely and utterly failed. On a personal level I just couldn’t imagine being that dependant on a mod. I was utterly floored. A week later, decursive broke on a day we were doing Archimonde attempts, again there were more people absolutely dependant on a mod in order to allow them to perform a function on their characters. The raid failed and we made zero progress because people couldn’t get their game together without this mod functioning.

This lead to Lodur writing a rather lengthy post on the guild forums about addon dependancy. Personally I feel that if you get to a point where you can’t play a game without an addon, there’s a problem. After my post a bunch of people began to make fun of my “hatred of healbot” and it became a really big joke where guildies would make comments like “oh don’t mention healbot, joe will flip out on you!”

Last night one of our newbies and my applicant was on his paladin and a mutual friend of ours who I’ve been gaming with and in quild with for almost three years. He gets our newbie to exalt the virtue of Healbot. Me being the goofball I am at 3 am go on a “rant” to which the newbie responds with jibes right back at me. I like this kid a lot, he’s good people we joke around a lot. I hung out with him at blizzcon and talked a bunch. Good people. So he eventually makes the height joke. I’m a short guy, I’ll admit that. He’s about a clear foot taller then I am, so it’s very comical for me to stand near him. He says “ok hate it all you want I’m still taller then you are!”, it then breaks down into how much of an ass I am etc etc. Normal guy friend stuff (at least for me). So me being me my finger slips on the gkick button. our mutual friend then falls over laughing. I proceeded to send him tells telling him he’s not allowed in until he learns to heal without healbot, and when he thinks I’m 100% serious I invite him back. We all have a BIG laugh about it and the general “I hate you, you’re such an asshole”  exchange between friends goes on before we call it a night.
So the bottom line is I DO NOT have a problem with the mod as a whole. It’s just a running joke among the guild that variously escalates. Hope that sheds some light on it. It wasn’t real I didn’t ACTUALLY kick him for using healbot.  I kicked him because it was funny =D the people on got a kick out of it.

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  1. krizhek

    I must say I am in the same camp with you. I was there during the 40man raids and back then people used ClickHeal mod. And you did nothing but click that one button, it did everything for you. This was my first experience in raid healing on my paladin, or anything for that matter. Back then decursive had a list where you would just click the person on top of the list to decurse them. I tried it for a little while and got sick and tired of it. Why? I felt like I wasn’t playing the game. I moved to using no mods for healing except for decursive… I can’t quit it.

  2. Spazmoosifer

    I did catch the tweet about the /gkick, and was thinking to myself, “what the crap?” I then got to thinking about it, and I don’t necessarily disagree with you on the reliance no HealBot…and I use it myself.

    Take this case for instance: Earlier this week, I had been assigned to healing in ToC (which I rarely do while in a guild run, because it is my off-spec). Immediately after the pull on Jaraxxus, I was disconnected, and while the other healers did a good job of keeping everyone up and alive while I reconnected, we died shortly after.

    Upon getting back into the game, I found that HB listed one person…me; and while I do prefer to keep myself alive, it did nothing to help out the group. In fact, I believe that it was my reliance on that add-on that caused the group to actually wipe, because it has been so long since I have healed any other way.

    Long story short, I am looking into changing some stuff up, possibly getting rid of HB (though I really like using it for dispelling). The only problem is that I am so comfortable with using HB that I fear I will be useless as a healer until I am comfortable with whatever I change to using.

  3. Cerys

    I’m of the opinion that everyone should be able to perform in their given role using the default UI and the tools available in-game only (macros, keybindings, etc.) … If a mod breaks, then you’re still okay.

    I’m with you on Grid though. The default UI raid frames are too small and don’t show everything I need to know, so having that grid layout is a huge plus. I can heal without it. I don’t like to, but I can. I’m also a big fan of Decursive, mainly because I always forget the keybinds for disease and single-target magic. (Mass Dispel is memorized thanks to the lovely raid known as Naxx.) Otherwise? Let me do some macros and keybinds and we’ll be peachy.

  4. @valkyrierisen

    I can see why people have hatred for addon-dependency. But I had this discussion in my guild the other night.

    All an addon does is allow the user (us) the ability to put the info already there (in some cases hidden in the combat log, some cases just a setting we rarely use in the default standard ui setup) to where WE want it.

    I like grid. I loathe the standard unit frames. The bars are too small for me to “notice” out of my peripheral vision when I’m looking at the raid as a whole.

    If you want to selectively choose your raiders/guildies based on their performance with the default ui, that’s your choice and can be part of your raiding attendance requirements. They either keep their addons functional or now how to make raid when they fail. But my skill at my roles dramatically increase thanks to addons I choose to use. Frankly I don’t want to play much more than roleplay if all I have to work with is the default UI.

    You have your choice. Others have theirs.

  5. Lodur

    I hope you know that I don’t have any actual hate for it, nor do I chose raiders based on addon decisions. I just gave him a hard time for the sake of giving him a hard time. We do this to each other constantly, it’s just something as friends that we do. hell I wouldn’t use the default UI if I didn’t have to. I personally don’t care what addons raiders use as long as A. it doesn’t cause them to DC and B. if it breaks they can still do their job. thats all I care about. Very clearly addons help us up our keep our skills at peak performance.

  6. mediumsizedrobb

    I don’t 100% agree.. either the mods are OK to use or not. Addons like dot timers, totem and buff managers are one thing. You can do fairly well without them after getting used to them with a bit more concentration.

    For healers though, things like Healbot and Vuhdo change the game so much, muscle memory is so ingrained that it’s a totally different game without them. If someone’s been trained to raid with something like Healbot or decursive, going back to the default UI would be like going from WoW to EQ2 and expecting someone to jump right in making no mistakes. Well maybe not JUST like that.. the mechanics, the fight, the spells would all be the same but every action they’re used to doing would be completely different. The UI is how we interact with the game world. It’s not as if he can just wave his hands about while looking at the tank to cast the raid saving heal. He has to interact with the UI in a way he hasn’t for however long. Most keybinds and macros you’re used to using will be useless as well.

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