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Lodur V. Healbot

by on Nov.20, 2009, under Uncategorized

A lot of people caught my tweet about gkicking someone for using healbot. I think it warrants a bit of an explanation.

There’s an ongoing joke in the guild about my “Hatred” of healbot. We had a healer back in BC who used it exclusively. When healbot and decursive broke he couldn’t heal. When I mean couldn’t heal, I mean literally could not heal. Usually this person would top the healing charts and be the one that saved the day, without the mod they just completely and utterly failed. On a personal level I just couldn’t imagine being that dependant on a mod. I was utterly floored. A week later, decursive broke on a day we were doing Archimonde attempts, again there were more people absolutely dependant on a mod in order to allow them to perform a function on their characters. The raid failed and we made zero progress because people couldn’t get their game together without this mod functioning.

This lead to Lodur writing a rather lengthy post on the guild forums about addon dependancy. Personally I feel that if you get to a point where you can’t play a game without an addon, there’s a problem. After my post a bunch of people began to make fun of my “hatred of healbot” and it became a really big joke where guildies would make comments like “oh don’t mention healbot, joe will flip out on you!”

Last night one of our newbies and my applicant was on his paladin and a mutual friend of ours who I’ve been gaming with and in quild with for almost three years. He gets our newbie to exalt the virtue of Healbot. Me being the goofball I am at 3 am go on a “rant” to which the newbie responds with jibes right back at me. I like this kid a lot, he’s good people we joke around a lot. I hung out with him at blizzcon and talked a bunch. Good people. So he eventually makes the height joke. I’m a short guy, I’ll admit that. He’s about a clear foot taller then I am, so it’s very comical for me to stand near him. He says “ok hate it all you want I’m still taller then you are!”, it then breaks down into how much of an ass I am etc etc. Normal guy friend stuff (at least for me). So me being me my finger slips on the gkick button. our mutual friend then falls over laughing. I proceeded to send him tells telling him he’s not allowed in until he learns to heal without healbot, and when he thinks I’m 100% serious I invite him back. We all have a BIG laugh about it and the general “I hate you, you’re such an asshole”  exchange between friends goes on before we call it a night.
So the bottom line is I DO NOT have a problem with the mod as a whole. It’s just a running joke among the guild that variously escalates. Hope that sheds some light on it. It wasn’t real I didn’t ACTUALLY kick him for using healbot.  I kicked him because it was funny =D the people on got a kick out of it.

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