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Rep rewards: Filling your gear gaps

by on Dec.13, 2008, under Uncategorized

Everyone’s been doing heroics and while you are doing heroics you best be wearing a tabard! If not… then I don’t really know what to say expect /emo

Now the badge gear is really nice but rep rewards are going to fill your gaps to help get you ready for raiding. First stop on the rep reward train is Wyrmrest. Our buddies there have some really nice items that fill in gaps quite well. Revered with the dragons gives you a nice selection of items, and the reason I mention the Wyrms first is because well…They have the inscription for your head I think we’ll all be looking at. You can also nab yourself a decent Mace. The only thing it’s missing is MP5. It does however have good stats, crit and haste. This is good as well if you decide to switch it up and go off-spec elemental. Now at exalted, not only do you get a cool Drake to run around on but you can snag Grips of Fierce Pronouncements which are well worth the 28 gold if you ask me, I mean just look at those stats.

Next stop is Ebon Blade. That sexy Duchess has a really nice goodie for us in the form of this awesome Kilt.
Good stats and two sockets to boot. She doesn’t really have anything else that benefits us too much so I wont dwell

On to the mages of the Kirin Tor! Their Quartermaster actually has a number of things you might be interested in. If you want a little crit and don’t mind leather This belt will be right up your alley. The Robes at exalted aren’t bad. Good stat allocation and 26 mp5. Worth picking up till you can get something better. The head enchant is also good if you are trying to stack crit raiting. The leather helm from there isn’t bad either, decent spell power and mp5 and it looks kindda cool. The last piece from here is a Haste Cloak It’s not bad but you can have better crafted. It’s a definite filler piece and will serve you at least into 10 mans.

Argent Crusade only really has one thing you might be interested in so I’ll just point it out real fast. This helm isn’t bad if you are stacking crit

That’s pretty much it for the rep rewards worth snagging to fill in gear gaps, chances are if you’re running heroics you won’t have much to worry about but figured I would put them out there for you guys to take a look at.

Hope it helps

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Macros, macros macros!

by on Dec.13, 2008, under Uncategorized

So I don’t really use too many macros, I only really use ones that let me clean up my action bars slightly, and one main one for Earth Shield

First I use a macro that lets me cast water shield when I click it, or if I’m holding the ALT key it casts lightning shield. Here’s that one.

/cast [mod:alt] Water Shield; Lightning Shield

it lets whatever I’m casting take over the image by leaving it as #showtooltip (I use the “?” icon for the macro icon)

again its just to clean up some bar space. but using the same macro you can alter it to suit many needs.

/cast [mod:alt] Water Walking; Water Breathing

Same principal as the one above it, one button with a modifier that allows you to cast either spell saving your some bar space.

Pre-wrath and before cleanse came and made me giggle like a school girl on prom night we used

/cast [modifier:alt] Cure Poison; Cure Disease

again just a space saver.

now for my trusted Earthshield Focus macro! now I warn you I’m typing this from memory since I’m at work and cant get in game right now to copy and paste it and as a result I will update it when I get home with exactly what I have but here it is

/cast [target=focus,exists][button:2,target=target][mod:alt=/clearfocus][target=focus,help, nodead][target=target,help,nodead][target=targettarget,help,nodead][noexists]Earth Shield

Here’s the premise. First target you pick and click the macro button it will set them as your focus and cast earth shield on them. If you right click on the macro, it will put the earth shield on whoever you have targeted and if you hold the ALT key and hit the macro it clears your focus.

That should be the answer to the comment about earth shield focus blues =)

That’s pretty much it for what I use for macros, like I said I’m more of a clicker. I had alot more before 3.0 hit. I had ones that swapped out totems for different heals and allowed for total min max, but that’s been removed in the current build of the game. =(

Hope this helps

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