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Welcome to level 80, please keep your hands and feet inside the raid at all times!

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Welcome back! sorry about the long delay. It took me a while to get going to 80 due to some personal injuries (hand injuries are not conducive to MMO playing lol)

Lodur has hit 80 and Has begun healing heroics and raids. I’d like to take a moment and just say, heroics are pretty hard for shaman if you aren’t specced for it, and boy is it fun.

I am indeed at 80 using the following spec.

Shaman 80 Spec

So far it has proven quite effective for both 5 man heroics and raiding. This spec like I stated in my last post, is indeed very glyph dependent. Make friends with an scribe, or become one yourself because it will be wickedly useful.

Glyph of Chain Heal is ridiculous in 10/25 mans. You’re overheal will sky rocket (mine was 50% on chain heal last naxx run)but your raid will love you for everyone being topped off. 4 targets is nice when you’re watching bounce around, also keep in mind that every person hit by chain heal can also proc Earthliving.

For other Glyphs please see my post Here

Now for the burden of stats.

We talked breifly before about the balancing of stats, mp5, spell power haste crit etc. Time to relay some of my beliefs about gemming and items.

I still very firmly believe that the order of importance is

+spellpower > +mp5/+int > +crit/haste

I have started putting haste up above crit and I’ll tell you why. Raid redundancy. Built into a 25 man (and to a lesser extent but still possible 10 man) raid you will find on average an additional 8-13% crit added to your roughly 14% you have just from gear you’ll be picking up from quests and heroics. In an average 25 man raid, just starting t7 content, you’ll be looking at 24-27% crit raiting. Now I’m accounting for boomkins and elemental shamans, but lets be honest, most guilds have at least one of each (and bless their hearts lol) and most guilds mages will give the healers the crit buff of win since likely we are going to be alive a lot longer then caster dps. Now haste is imporant to me because it lets me use chain heal a lot more frequently then I would normally be able to, and thus keep many many more raid members alive.

Here’s a link to my current armory (no this is not for Epeen this is just so you can see how I’m starting to trade pieces out for other gear) as well as some of my gem choices. Check out the hands and the legs. They are slightly better then the tier 6 they replaced (even accounting for the 4 piece bonus)


My haste raiting is only 180 right now (up from 30) but combined with the lovely lovely talent :

Tidal Waves:

(at rank 5) You have a 100% chance after you cast Chain Heal or Riptide to lower the cast time of your next 2 Lesser Healing Wave or Healing Wave spells by 30%. In addition, your Healing Wave gains an additional 20% of your bonus healing effects and your Lesser Healing Wave gains an additional 10% of your bonus healing effects.

I find my self pushing half second cast times on lesser healing waves. You will appreciate this as you are doing things like heroic halls of stone Brann event, or Naxx when you get to Grobulous. I plan on stacking more haste to get my cast time on chain heal sub 2.0 seconds, Thats roughly the sweet spot to be able to rely again on chain heal (still the most mana efficient heal in the game, even more so with the glyph)

While we’re looking at gear lets look at gems. JC’s got a large large piece of lovin in a BoP Runed Dragon’s Eye You can wear three prismatics, sooooo I opted for 3, 96 spell power just from 3 gem slots, and they satisfy all of your slot requirements. Please sir may I have another I say! (I have a third but armory doesn’t show belt buckles for some reason and it happens to be on the buckled 3rd slot)

For my other slots I’m moving towards Dazzling Forest Emerald and Royal Twilight Opal Int and mp5 and spell power and mp5, if those don’t scream shaman, nothing does. They are cheap enough to get on the AH and any JC will love to cut them for you (it’s free skillups for a while) These gems satisfy our 3 major stats now giving us healthy mp5 and healthy INT.

Now for the question of effectiveness. Last night we did Naxx again, spider wing and Construct wing. Spider wing we flew through, barely stopping to drink. Durring the run I beleive I stopped to drink 3 times. once before each boss just to make sure I was topped off. We had a ret pally and shadow priest in the run, so replenishment was always active. I only have 748 intellect which means I’ll have about 15k mana unbuffed give or take a little, add in Arcane intellect and food buffs and I can push that higher if I want, The point is I have a decent mana pool. Not only does this let me cast longer then the others in many cases, I get a good chunk back from my Mana Tide Totem and from Replenishment. With replenishment up all the time, I honestly didn’t have to use many potions, I think I used one on Patchwerk and one on Gluth (which is not surprising). For consumables that fight I was using Flask of Pure Mojo and Pickled Fangtooth Because lets be honest, mp5 is still our crack rock. The flasks are pretty cheap to make (and I have a really nice herbalist / alchemist friend who likes being healed ;] ) so picking them up from the AH or a friend shouldn’t be too much trouble, and the food is pretty common. The two together are another 50 mp/5 which is nothing to blow your nose at.

Spell rotation
so here’s the stats from last nights naxx run with the guild. I’m not a big stats guy, but I like using it as a rough tool to figure out whose doing what how often as well as where our mana is going (being a Raid Officer and all =P)

Wowwebstats Naxx 12/02/08

Click on heals, then my name lodur to get a break down of my spells used and some numbers. (keep in mind these numbers are for the whole raid and count everything but should give you a rough idea you can click on breakdowns for more information)

You’ll see Chain heal was 47% of my heals, we had some heavy melee so it worked out to me using it a lot (that and my new found haste helps use it more) Now look at Lesser Healing Wave thats 23% of healing and Riptide making up 13% combined for 36%. That’s creeping up on Chain heal and honestly, I’m happy to see it, old wws breakdowns pretty much showed shamans doing nothing buf binding every key to chain heal and then rolling face. Now we see all the healing spells and abilities being used.

That’s all I have for right now. Now that I can play again,
and run numbers and test theories and work on the crafting actively instead of 30 minutes at a time. I’ll be posting more frequently and also more numbers for you guys. Thanks for the comments and please keep them comming.

ps. If anyone does have the script to allow roll over pop ups for the abilities, please let me know.

Ayeba your profile is set to private so feel free to contact me with the information if you still have it.

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