Way of the Totem



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The dream was always the same. He could feel the Light being ripped from him, draining him of his strength of his very essence, until nothing was left but a shell. He wanted to scream but could find no voice. Truly when the Light was torn from him, it took with it all that made him who he was. As he lay there crippled staring at the night’s star less sky, there appeared from the treeline five figures. The ghost of a Talbuk, the spirit of the hunt accompanied by the shades of the elements strode forward to surround his body. The Talbuk reached down and touched his forehead and the approaching darkness was replaced by a blinding light…

Lodur woke with a start, no matter how many times he had the dream vision it never got any easier. For several months he had been having the vision. It started shortly after he aided in the downfall of the betrayer, Illidan. He had momentarily touched the skull of Gul’dan, and the dreams had plagued him ever since. It always began with intense pain, and ended with the blinding light. All points before and after remained shrouded to him. Lodur stood up slowly, gathering his wits about him weary and exhausted from too many sleepless nights.

“I should talk to the Farseer soon” he spoke aloud to the early morning’s pre light. His voice holding more uncertainty then he cared to admit.

Gathering his belongings, he reached into his backpack for the stone that would summon his mount. It was a smooth, small stone etched with a single rune. He held it in his hand and spoke the command word. Now he waited. It was only a few short seconds after he finished donning his armor and securing his shield that a golden Gryphon landed lightly in front of him. The avian creature cocked it’s head to the side as if to regard Lodur with a sense of irritation. Lodur smiled at the creature and offered it the remnants of the dried meat he had made dinner, and now breakfast out of. He patted the creature’s flank;

“Come my friend,” he said with familiarity in his voice “we have much to do.”

He lept onto the Gryphon’s back  and the duo climbed into the air. It was time to see Nobundo.

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