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September is national suicide prevention month, but if you ask me every month, every week, every day should be a day we seek to prevent suicide. That we try to give those that feel they don’t have any other options support, and help them see there are other choices. This will definitely be a bit of a personal post, but I’ll try not to derail things too much.  I’m sure most of you remember my post about Why I react so Violently to Bullying, if not give it a read. I will warn you that it’s full of feels as they say.

Not a day goes by that I don’t miss Mark. That I won’t wonder what could have been if he had somewhere to turn. He would have graduated college by now, surely, maybe even have found the love of his life. Maybe he’d have found a place to set roots, and have been well into the start of a happy and full life. Maybe he’d have none of those things, but the point is we’ll never get a chance to know. In his memory, I’d like to do something.

This is an attempt to fund-raise, not for myself, but for organizations that actively seek to give options and offer intervention services to help those in need. The Trevor Project, Born This Way Foundation and many others exist to offer help and solutions to those in need. From now until the end of September 2012, to help support them in their efforts, I will not be taking commissions for money for myself but instead I will offer commissions based on donations to these organizations. I know, having donated my own money to both, that they will give you a confirmation of your total in a handy email and or screenshot. If you donate to them, or any other organization that helps prevent suicide or provide crisis services, I will draw you something of your choice. You can see my artwork here, as well as on my Twitter and I’m going to offer it in the following structure.

  • $1 – $10 – A thank you on my live stream for 24 hours of gaming at the release of Mists of Pandaria.
  • $11 – $20 – Black and White sketch of a single character of your choice
  • $21 – $40 – Black and White sketch of multiple characters (in a single image) or a scene of your choice
  • $41 – $60 – Color painting / cell drawing of a single character of your choice
  • $61 – $80 – color painting / cell drawing of multiple characters or a scene of your choice
  • $80+ – color painting / cell drawing of multiple characters ( in a single image) or a scene of your choice, and I will upload a video of myself dancing a jig to youtube dedicated to everyone who contributed.  The highest contributor will get to decide what hat I wear while streaming, and while dancing the jig.

I ask that you email me a picture of your confirmed donation, or leave it here as a comment (again with image confirmation) and we’ll get the ball rolling. I hope that you will participate, you’ll get some decent art of the deal, I’ll embarrass myself for your amusement, and you’ll be helping a great cause. If any of my artists friends would like to join me in this, they would be most welcome.


*UPDATE* as an added bonus, the lovely and talented Lore from has agreed to give a sketch as well to anyone who contributes $20 + . That’s a good extra bonus for all you folks from an artist that far eclipses my own talent.


“It’s done. The deed that so many wished accomplished is over with, and Arthas is dead. Though he is gone, the Lich King persists and may yet have a place in all of this. The worst part is, I can openly talk about what happened up there.”

Lodur gazed out across the frozen plains of Northrend through eyes that were not his own, grasping the railing of the balcony with hands too slender to be his own. Even after two years he wasn’t used to the feelings of this body. The sensations were always so strange to him, and it always felt like something was off, like there was a dissonance between soul and form. A small hand worked it’s way hunter one of his hands and squeezed.

“Aye, ah know ye ain’t be likin’ it, but this be for more important thing than either price or valor.”

Yeva leaned into Lodur, the fire haired dwarf let out a sigh of contentment as they took in the view. Dalaran had afforded them all the comforts of a lavish home, hailed as heroes. The view of the frozen lands from this high up seemed so much more beautiful, the distance wiping away the scars of plague and death with the soft brush of blues and whites.

“Besides, ye got ‘nough of a story to be told from when you faced down the Lich King to save me. tis enough valor in that for generations to come.”
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City of Heroes coming to the end of it’s life is actually pretty sad. It was the first, and the best, super hero MMO to date. It was the first community that I was a vocal and active member of when it came to online gaming. From beta, to release, to even now almost a decade later, some of my best gaming memories were the direct result of this game. That said, despite my sorrow at hearing the news, there is the need to recognize that there is a stark reality to face. All things come to an end, and nothing lasts forever. Instead of sitting here lamenting and wailing, I thought I would share memories and highlights of the game over the years in my own way of paying tribute to the memory of an amazing game. To share with you what this game meant to me.

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