If you couldn’t tell I’ve really been enjoying Mists of Pandaria. If I’m going to be completely honest, my level of enjoyment in the Mists beta has far exceeded anything I’ve felt in all the time we’ve had Cataclysm. I love the animations and models, I love the lush new zones. I love the very distinct Asian feel to the new architecture, landscaping and armor. I love the new mobs, the new race. Most of all though, I love the new lore. The lore in World of Warcraft is one of the main reasons I’ve been playing it so long. To unravel all the story. Cataclysm was good for that, but it felt more like a lot more like loose ends were being tied up than anything else. There was certainly some new lore, but for the most part they had their moment and then we moved on.

This though, the uncovering of a culture that grew in complete isolation from the rest of Azeroth, the beliefs, everything about it is amazing. Questing is glorious, and the story that it starts to unveil already is well done and engaging. I can’t help but travel through the new, albeit incomplete, world and feel sucked in.

It’s like this expansion was created just for me.